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About the Centre

ManjariNTFP Centre of Excellence (NCE) was established in 2008 under Tripura JICA Project to address the issue of NTFPs and value addition in a comprehensive manner, with the broad objectives:

    Navigation Increasing the productivity of bamboo, cane & other Non-timber Forest Produce (NTFP) in the region through assured provision of quality planting material (QPM) and technical services;
    Navigation Promoting livelihood improvement & poverty alleviation activities on an industrial scale and establishment of community common facility centres (CCFCs);
    Navigation Capacity building of various stakeholders in handling bamboo, cane & other NTFPs; and
    Navigation Facilitating marketing through establishing public-private partnership (PPP).


The specific objectives are:
Bamboo furniture
    NavigationTo facilitate database generation and management of the NTFP
    NavigationTo promote and facilitate NTFP activities as a means of livelihood for the masses on a sustainable basis and to develop bamboo and cane based entrepreneurship
    NavigationTo disseminate technology information and enterprise development;
    NavigationTo assist in marketing;
    NavigationTo train forest fringe dwellers in farming, cultivation and management of bamboo and cane for development and marketing of handicrafts and also timber and non-timber forest produce; and
    NavigationTo take up capacity building for harnessing the rich biodiversity of the North-east States.
Future Vision:
Bamboo products from peoples forest NCE has been envisaged “to become a premier institute in its area of specialization, providing services not only within the state, but in the entire NER in future”. It would be made into an “autonomous society” under Societies Registration Act, 1860. For the NCE to be sustained after the closure of Tripura JICA Project, it is necessary to have its “own income generation mechanism”. As designed, on closure of the Project, the existing Project Management Unit (PMU) with its assets would be integrated into NCE.
Last Updated on 17-09-2015

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