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 Velvet Beans
Forest Research Station & Bambusetum At Anandanagar

Forest Research Station (FRS) set up under NTFP Centre of Excellence is located at Anandanagar nearly 13 km North East of Agartala. The Research Station was started in September 2009 as a part of Tripura JICA Project. The major components of the Research Station are:


Spread over an area of 1.8 ha, the Bambusetum contains 26 lines of clumps (numbering 0 to 25), each for one species. The species available in the Bambusetum are Bambusa multiplex, B. bambos, B. balcooa, B. balcooa, B. cacharencis, B. jaintiana, B. nutans, B. salarkhanii, B. polymorpha, B. tulda, B. valgaris, B. wamin, B. striata, Dendrocalamus hamiltonii, D.strictus,D.longispathus, Thyrostachy solivery, T.rezia, Gigantochloa andamanica, Dendrocalamus asper, Melocalamus compactifiorus, Dendrocalamus giganteus, Guadua angustifolia, Melocanna baccifera, Schizostachyum dullooa. A total of 132 no of clumps of various species are available at present, collected from different sources.

Cane Arboretum

The Cane Arboretum was created in the year 2010. Two species of rattan cane were collected and centralized in the rattan arboretum. The species are Calamus tenuis (3 sources) and Daemonorops jenkinsianus (3 sources). Two seedling planted in 2 pits dug 1.5 away from the base of a support trees. Their growth is monitored from time to time.

Clonal Propagation Centre (CPC)

Spread over an area of about 0.65 ha of land the Clonal Propagation Centre (CPC) has Bari, Bom, Makal, Paora, KanakKaich, Barak, Mritinga and Rupai. At least 10 candidate plus clumps were selected from different sources in a species, making a block having 5 replication each (clonal plants). The culms are coded year wise in various colours. Regular maintenance like weeding vine cutting etc. are done every year to keep track of growth.

Propagation nursery

Nursery polybag plants of various species of bamboo, cane, agar and piper are raised.

Experimental Plots:

Plantation of some economically important NTFPs like Andrographis panciculata, Asparagus racemosus, and Homalonema aromatica and 0.25 ha of Lagerstroemia parviflora, Curcuma caesia and Thysanolaena maxima is done for research on productivity and the survival percentage is above 90%.
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